C4NM Co-Founder Adam Fong on Techdirt Podcast, “Musicians Making Money”

Check out this wide-ranging conversation on business models and the music industry in the internet era, featuring our very own co-founder and Executive Director, Adam Fong. Our friends at Techdirt have been tracking the twists in copyright law for years, with an eye on the music industry as a harbinger for more widespread changes to come.

The cue music at the start is a composition by Adam Fong, performed by saxophonist Kelly Corbin.

2 thoughts on “C4NM Co-Founder Adam Fong on Techdirt Podcast, “Musicians Making Money”

  1. Hi, Adam. Great discussion ad very apropos for most of the musicians I know. Making concrete financial decisions in a shifting economic environment is particularly difficult for many of my colleagues. I’ve posted this to my FB page in hopes that it might start a discussion here in Marin, where institutional support for music non-profits has been steadily shrinking. Congratulations on getting the CNM up and running! Will try to make it into SF for a concert or two.

  2. Thanks for this Adam. Your point about Work for Hire versus Entrepreneurship really stuck out for me. This at a very high level differentiates between the working musician versus the composer. Short term income versus long term income. In comparing this to my career path in music as a teacher, in many ways it is both. Very interesting to hear it in both contexts.

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