Membership at the Center for New Music is for composers, performers, critics, administrators, educators, engineers—really, anyone who’d like to be an active producer or contributor within the new music community at the Center.

All members receive special rates on:

  • Rehearsal and event rentals
  • Tickets to most concert presentations and workshops

Join or Renew Now

Listener Membership

$60 for one year

The listener membership is a great way for anyone with an interest in new music to get connected with the C4NM community. In addition to discounts to all events at the Center, Listener Members receive:

  • Invitations to special member-only events

  • Discounts to new music events throughout the community

  • Borrowing privileges from the C4NM library


Individual Membership

$100 for one year

The individual membership includes all of the above benefits, PLUS the following, space and availability permitting:

  • One event rental (up to 5 hours including setup/breakdown) to present a concert or workshop, have a rehearsal, or host a meeting, free of charge, space/availability permitting (individual members may reserve dates up to 6 months in advance)

  • Drop-in access to the Center during business hours for co-working and meetings, up to 2 hours per week

  • Use of the photocopier and media resources at the Center’s facility (within reason)


Organizational Membership

Annual budget below $250,000: $150 per year
Annual budget $250,000 – $1m: $250 per year
Annual budget $1m and above: $500 per year

Organizations whose work supports the Center’s mission are encouraged to join the Center to gain access to member rates (up to 3 users), and the ability to reserve the Center up to 12 months in advance. Basic organizational membership is based on budget size.

Other nonprofit and community organizations are also welcome to join as organizational members, and will receive 25% off regular rates.

We also offer co-working and two event spaces that are perfect for fundraiser events, intimate concerts, classes, workshops, podcasts and more. If you would like to create a custom membership package for your organization, please contact Adam Fong, Executive Director,

Current organizational members and resident ensembles include:

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  Current Members

Samuel Adams
Frederick Adler
Ted Allen
Sahba Aminikia
Charles Amirkhanian
Angela Anderson Guerrero
Miles Anderson
Martin Azevedo
Michael Bang
Dan Becker
Bruce Bennett
Tom Bickley
John Bilotta
Thomas Blum
Christine Bonansea
Charles Boone
Chris Brown
Jason Thorpe Buchanan
Christine Caamano
Brett Carson
Anita Chandavarkar
Allegra Chapman
Sidney Chen
Monica Chew
Christopher Chou
David Coll
Joseph M. Colombo
Katarina Countiss
Steven Cravis
Matthew Creer
Beth Dawson
Topher Delaney
Joel Deuter
Patricia Deuter
Brett Austin Eastman
Thea Farhadian
Amy Foote
David Frank
Aaron Gervais
David Gladstein
Sara Hagenbuch
Shoko Hikage
Steve Horowitz
Kyle Hovatter
Robert Howard
Robert Hughes
Brenda Hutchinson
Andrew Jamieson
Timothy Johnson
Nelda Kilguss
Peter Kuhn
Bonnie Kwong
Jamie Lee
Emma Logan
Hunter Long
Ric Louchard
Steven Lugerner
Adam Marks
Patrick Marks
Nanette McGuiness
Raffi Meneshian
Jeffrey Mosier
PC Muñoz
Dmitri Murrath
Eve Mykytyn
Alexander Ness
Jessie Nucho
Tom Nunn
Suki O’Kane
Julia Ogrydziak
Carl Oser
John-Carlos Perea
Isaac Pond
Anne Rainwater
Kurt Rohde
Karl Ruddy
Bruno Ruviaro
Benjamin Sabey
Jim Santi Owen
Stephen Schmidt
Karl Schultz
Freya Seeburger
David Sheehan
Anne Smith
Ellen Smith
Kathleen Smith
Chris Sneeringer
Jane Spencer Mills
Alex Spoto
Jay Stamps
Konrad Steiner
Kate Stenberg
William Susman
Nikko Svik
Jeff Titus
Davide Verotta
Josephine Villegas
Ilana Walder-Biesanz
Michele Walther
Rodney Waschka II
Charles Xavier
Melike Yersiz
Michelle Yu
Eva-Maria Zimmermann