In compliance with San Francisco’s order to shelter in place, the Center for New Music is closed beginning March 16. All events through the end of May are canceled. From our blog: Resources for Artists During the COVID-19 Outbreak
During these extraordinary times, donations are critically important to the continued survival of arts organizations.

Cultural Identity and Arts Leadership

As part of our work in advocating for new music, the C4NM staff seeks out opportunities to share our perspective and expertise. Whether it is on grant panels, public discussions, online forums, radio appearances, or other platforms, C4NM knows that our community can’t grow unless it is respected, and we as leaders speak up on the issues that face us all as new music practitioners.

I was pleased to kick off this week’s Leadership Blog Salon hosted by Americans for the Arts with an article entitled “How does cultural identity impact arts leadership?” Please check out full article and the rest of the blog salon throughout this week!

On the C4NM About Us page under “Our Role,” we state:

By valuing diversity and inclusion, fair treatment of members, fair payment of participating artists, and advocacy for the growth and integration of our community, the Center will provide a platform for communication, collaboration, outreach, program development, incubation of new artists, engagement of new listeners, and increased activity for the business of new music.

To accomplish all this, our community will clearly need a diversity of leaders.

My personal experiences and thought process on how best to nurture that type of leadership is reflected in my AFTA article. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful mentors and peers who have empowered my own leadership, and I know I also speak for our co-founder Brent Miller in arguing that one outcome we seek in our programmatic structure is to provide opportunities for new leaders to emerge. We hope this is reflected not just in the membership program, but also through opportunities for curators, instrument builders, workshop leaders, and in how we support other groups through consulting and sharing of information.

As we continue to build the Center for New Music and its community, we hope to continue to embody our values, particularly by empowering a diversity of leaders. We want this to be a community that sparks new ideas, where people can try new concepts, can organize their own projects, and can count on our institution to nurture their growth.

Readers seeking new music opportunities and resources are encouraged to contact C4NM! Write directly to me, to Brent Miller, or find us @c4newmusic.

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