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The C4NM Library holds over 400 new music titles. The collection focuses primarily on books, from key texts by John Cage and Derek Bailey, to obscure volumes on Dutch jazz and folk songs of the Caribbean. Members, staff, and volunteers of the Center may access library materials during regular business hours.

Preview some our available titles below, or view the entire catalog. Please note that Special Collections items may be available for onsite perusal only.

Special thanks to our Head Librarian Peter Esmonde, and to all those who have generously donated their books, scores, and CDs:
Jeffrey Babcock
Nick Benavides
Linda Bouchard
Luciano Chessa
Ms. Bob Davis
Patti Deuter
Derek Drudge
Peter & Anne Esmonde
Adam Fong
Bart Hopkin / Experimental Musical Instruments
Henry Kaiser
Jan Michaels
Jon Raskin
Tim Thompson / Computer Music Journal
University of California Press
Wesleyan University Press