Wired Breath/Strung Waves: Christian Pincock & Florent Collautti (sfSoundSalonSeries)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only
florent pincock
Florent Colautti Christian Pincock

Florent Colautti moves between the sound and numeric arts, from instrumental/acoustic music to electronic music through sound installations. He wears only one cap while working on these different links: that of an insatiable researcher who handles both sound-creation software and the soldering iron. In this spirit, in 2010, he developed the “e-String”, a hybrid, homebuilt electronic/acoustic instrument. To sustain this project, in 2012-2013, he completed a residency through “Arts & Science actions” of SCRIME & Bordeaux University.
Protean artist, he creates in a universe where dance, theater, instrumental sets, and live electronic and sound arts cross. He has collaborated with art centers, companies, composers, and musicians. He has completed residencies with La muse en circuit, SCRIME, Fées d’hiver, GRIM, and Landesmusikakademie Hessen. He has received a Sacem prize, a 1st prize in the “Vacances percutantes” (percussion quartet) contest, and a grant from Hessen/Aquitaine. His work has been presented in France and abroad (Spain, Canada, Belgium, California, Germany, Italy).
Christian Pincock is a composer/performer on trombone and electronics. He uses custom-made controllers and software including electronic sensors, microcontrollers, a repurposed set of organ pedals and Max/MSP patches to play multiple parts simultaneously and to create orchestral textures unaccompanied. His work is informed by jazz rhythmic and harmonic sensibilities, classical compositional approaches and timbres from modern electronic music.