White Boy Scream & William Hutson

Friday, August 3, 2018 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
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White Boy Scream
Micaela Tobin is a sound artist based in Los Angeles, CA who specializes in contemporary opera and experimental voice, composing under the moniker White Boy Scream. Within this project Micaela dissects her operatic singing style and extended vocal techniques through the use of electronics, in an attempt to undermine patriarchal constructs in classical music and reclaim the “diva.” She has performed extensively throughout the western United States, most notably as a guest with hip-hop experimentalists and Sub Pop signees clipping. during their tour in support of The Flaming Lips. Micaela’s work, which thus far includes a full length release along with two more set for summer 2018, has been compared to Diamanda Galas.
Micaela is currently a voice teacher on faculty at CalArts. She premiered and earned a five-star review for her first original experimental opera, entitled Unseal Unseam, at the world’s largest art festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in summer 2016; the work was described as “hypnotic” and “paralyzingly beautiful,” by New Classic LA after its U.S. debut in October 2017.
William Hutson
William Hutson is a Californian noise artist who has toured extensively within the United States and Europe, solo and as ⅓ of the hip-hop experimentalists Clipping. A meticulous sound designer and producer, William approaches his work with the intention to deliberately question the constructs of genre, utilizing his well-researched academic and pop culture knowledge. His release of improvised work, Six or Seven Steps to the Door, was created using a reel-to-reel tape recorder, mixer, test tone generator, dictaphones, microphones, and radios. William also holds soundtrack credits, most notably for the documentary Room 237.