Weston Olencki and Athletics: [HEAVY MATTER]

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only

Timothy McCormack – HEAVY MATTER [2012]
Peter Ablinger – Posaune und Rauschen [2014] world premiere
Pablo Santiago Chin – From Afar [2014-15] world premiere
Joan Arnau Pàmies – 1=∞ (EoM) [2015] world premiere

Ann Cleare – Paranoid Oneiroid [2006-7] us premiere
Bernhard Lang – Differenz/Wiederholung 4.02 [2000] us premiere
SF-based trombonist Weston Olencki will present a program of radical solo and chamber works. [HEAVY MATTER] explores levels of confrontation and collision between objects, subjects, and musical entities; whether Peter Ablinger’s vertical/horizontal juxtaposition and reordering of pitch strata (where glissandi morph into self-similar bands of white noise), Timothy McCormack’s volatile states of sonic matter (a byproduct of the catastrophic relationship between body and instrument), or Bernhard Lang’s Deleuzian-inspired repetitive cells constructed from the mapping of physical gestures between piano, trombone, and amplified cello. The program features world premieres by Ablinger (Austria), Joan Arnau Pàmies (Catalonia), and Pablo Santiago Chin (Costa Rica), with North American premieres from Lang (Austria) and Ann Cleare (Ireland). Olencki will also be joined by Eric Wubbels (piano), and Jessie Marino (cello).