Tonal Masher meets Bari Blaster: Aram Shelton & Jon Raskin + John Bischoff Solo Electronics

Friday, August 28, 2015 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only

Tonal Smasher
Raskin’s Bari Blaster meets Shelton’s Tonal Masher in their first meeting as a duo. This set aspires to shed light on innovative ways in which the saxophone can be used. This will be a no rules event.
As Bari Blaster, Jon Raskin plays a chimera synth through his Baritone saxophone as an amplification device, with and without the mouthpiece. He alters the synth generated sounds using his voice and the reed and runs the sounds of the body of the saxophone through the electronics via a second mic. (Bari Blaster with Phillip Greenlief)
As Tonal Masher, Aram Shelton rearranges and extends the sounds of a 1937 Conn alto saxophone via a custom made Max/MSP patcher. To find a different application of the resonant characteristics of the instrument, Shelton removes the mouthpiece and reed and focuses on sounds created through resonant feedback produced by microphone position and un-traditional saxophone key fingerings.
John Bischoff
Bischoff will perform a set of solo electronic pieces built from intrinsic features of the electronic medium: high definition noise components, tonal edges, imperfections, transitions, digital shading, and non-linear motion. The set will incorporate a custom analog circuit of his own design. As he activates the circuit, the resulting sounds are analyzed in real-time and used to inform an extended computer-synthesis response. A binding together of the analog and digital realms is the result, the unique characteristics of each medium crossbred and counterpoised in time to form a hybrid sensibility. Pieces include Circuit Combine, Visibility Prelude, and Surface Effect.