Time-Machine_music , “Adventures and Reveries” featuring Loop 2.4.3 and Prism

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $12 General, $8 Members, $5 Students
Tickets available at the door only

Photo by Dan Gottesman

Loop 2.4.3’s Time-Machine_music integrates ancient instruments and the human voice with electronic sampling and manipulation.
A virtuosic percussionist, Thomas Kozumplik (also of Brooklyn-classical quartet, Clogs) routes a sophisticated system of microphones and electronic hardware to Chinese drums, Tibetan bells, antique cymbals, and African log drums, adding vocals, steel drum, and synthesizer. A sub-text of social time perception and inner turmoil reveals a mini-psychedelic-rock-extravaganza, built inside a classical form, with highly developed improvisation. Kozumplik’s performances have been called “dazzling throughout” (Mojo, UK), “sublime” (Pitchfork), “smart and engaging” (New York Times), and “the hit for me” (composer Terry Riley via the New York Times).
Prism: Solo Music for Percussion and Synthesizer
Composer/percussionist Alex Vittum uses a modular synthesizer to extend the sound of his drum kit. The Prism music is skeletal compositions with a great amount of improvisation. Using microphones as a primary way to input acoustic sound, the synthesizer is patched and programed so that it reacts in specific ways to the performer. This creates an interactive relationship between player and synthesizer. For his most recent work, Alex collaborated with composer Zeina Nasr to create short vignettes of rhythm, voice, melody, and electro-acoustic processing.
Vittum will be performing a new solo piece entitled Almost Frozen, which chronicles adolescent memories of rural New Hampshire and a near death experience.