Surround Sound Salon Series #8: Rivero, Corder and Leonard

Sunday, November 6, 2022 — 4:00 PM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members & Students
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Danishta Rivero, Nathan Corder, and Cheryl Leonard present their new electronic music in 8-channel surround sound. Rivero premieres a live piece for voice and electronics; Corder presents three pieces that focus on translational procedures, transduction, and process-based composition; Leonard presents an 8-channel version of her piece Meltwater (2013) that was recently release by OM records based on her field recordings in Antarctica.

Surround Sound Salon Series (SSSS) #8 – Sunday, Nov. 6 4 PM

SSSS is a monthly, informal show at CNM in which electronic music composers present their fixed media and/or live electronic music through the 8-channel surround system, generously provided by Meyer Sound. The composers mix their sounds from the center of the space, and the audience is free to choose their own listening location, and to move within the space to hear the music from different vantage points.

November’s salon features music by Danishta Rivero, Nathan Corder, and Cheryl Leonard. Rivero will premiere an as-yet untitled work for voice and MaxMSP electronics. Corder will present three pieces: Picker I (2015), Appetite (2021) and Strata (2017). Leonard will present a new 8-channel arrangement of Meltwater (2013) a piece that was recently released on the Other Minds Records album Antarctica: Music from the Ice, based on field recordings of the Marr Ice Piedmont, Anvers Island, Antarctica.


Danishta Rivero is an improviser, performer, and sound artist based in Oakland, California. Through her sound practice, she explores the artifacts resulting from heavy processing of the voice and their relationship to its acoustic resonance. Rivero’s media work expands this exploration of artifact and object/subject in order to recalibrate conceptualizations of self and the world around us. Danishta’s artistic practice and inquiry are grounded in and woven from the traditions of experimentalism, free improvisation, electro-acoustic music, performance, multimedia, and sound art.  As a soloist, Rivero sometimes performs as Caribay, conjuring the eponymous mountain spirit, whose laments cause avalanches.She is a member of electro-acoustic duo Voicehandler with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule. She is also half of Las Sucias, a feminist tropical noise duo with Alexandra Buschman-Román.

Nathan Corder is an Oakland-based composer of works for electronics, objects, and arrays of people. Focusing on translational procedures, transduction, and process-based composition, Corder’s music has been performed throughout the U.S. and abroad. Active as a composer and improviser on custom-designed electronics and guitar, Corder has collaborated with artists such as Roscoe Mitchell, William Winant, Jaap Blonk, and Barbara Golden. He is also an active member of the bands TONED, monopiece, Nude Tayne, and Jitters.

Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, field recordist, and instrument builder whose works investigate sounds, structures, and objects from the natural world. Her projects cultivate stones, wood, water, ice, sand, shells, feathers, and bones as musical instruments, and feature one-of-a-kind sculptural instruments and field recordings from remote locales. Leonard uses microphones to explore aural worlds within her sound sources, and develops compositions that highlight the unique voices she discovers. Her recent projects focus on climate change and extinction of species. Leonard’s works have been performed worldwide and are available on multiple record labels. She has received grants from the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, New Music USA, American Composers Forum, American Music Center, and ASCAP, and her commissions include works for SFMOMA, Kronos Quartet, and Hope Mohr Dance.

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