Surround Sound Salon Series #5: Genovese, Nucci, Gluck & Dahlbom

Sunday, May 8, 2022 — 4:30 PM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members & Students
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Bay Area electronic music composers Sam Genovese, Will Gluck, Kim Nucci, and Kristian Dahlbom present their work in 8-channel surround at the Center for New Music as part of the Surround Sound Salon Series on Sunday, May 8 at 4:30 pm.

SSSS is a series of informal shows at CNM in which electronic music composers present their fixed media and/or live electronic music through the 8-channel surround system, generously provided by Meyer Sound. The composers mix their sounds from the center of the space, and the audience is free to choose their own listening location, and to move within the space to hear the music from different vantage points.


1. Sam Genovese: “Skymyth [2 from 5 for 8 Channels]”

2021’s album SKYMYTH imagines a ceremony of the ancients beginning at the foot of a holy mountain. Priestesses gather to ascend a peak where secret rites effect collective rebirth and open glittering paths to new futures. Skymyth [2 from 5 for 8 Channels] is two tracks (from five) remixed for 8 channels.

Sam is an experimental sound artist, composer and filmmaker. His work takes the form of albums, films, operas, installations and live free improvisation. Somewhere between song, sound sculpture, and phantom score, the varied terrain of Sam Genovese’s albums plays within the realm of electronic, computer, and new music, but precludes full subscription to any tradition. A passion for film and the influence of European and experimental cinema is evident throughout all Genovese’s sound and video work, this perhaps no more evident than in his 2020 film and experimental electronic opera, Entanglementing. Whether or not visuals are provided, cinematic techniques and imagined narrative structures play at the heart of Genovese’s process, offering through lines that guide both compositional decisions and the listening experience. 2014’s album Night Path explored pacing choices informed by the long take of Bela Tarr and Andrei Tarkovsky. DOUBLE HARMONIC, a chamber opera for two voices and electronic music, premiered in 2021. Sam has performed or exhibited video and sound work at places including Antwerp, Berlin, Fukuoka, Leipzig, Prague, Asheville, Baltimore, Oakland, San Francisco, and Stony Brook.

2. Kim Nucci: “”resampling time: americana”

Kim Nucci is an Oakland-based multimedia artist, composer / improviser, sound engineer and technologist. They perform on saxophones, electronics, voice, and live projection. Nucci’s research interests explore the pedestrian cybernetic body through critically examining our relationship with technology and with our instruments. Their solo performance practice is invested in the exploration of ritualism and trance states in improvisation. They hold an M.F.A. in Electronic Music and Recording Media, and an M.A. in Music Composition from Mills College, and a B.A. in Visual Arts from Bennington College. As an Associate Professor at California Jazz Conservatory they teach classes on electronic music improvisation and composition. They are an active member of A.C.R.E. Residency’s sound department. They are the Technical Director of Driven Arts Collective, having recently directed/filmed the video work “Quarant Time” documenting the collective’s rehearsal process during 2020 and assisted with filming “Z A G A.” Previously, they did show programming and co-authored music & video elements for DAC’s evening length prodution, << KHÔRA >>. They currently work at SFMOMA on the Collections Technical and Media Services team, and as a sound and AV technician at several Bay Area venues and galleries.

3. Will Gluck: “For Emily Dickinson”

William Gluck is a composer of electronic music based in Oakland, CA. In his surround sound pursuits, his intent is to create augmented, fictional, digital sound spaces employed as sound structure proxies for extant spaces including the human body and large cathedrals.  His surround sound compositions have been presented at the ACRE residency in Steuben, WI, the Palo Alto arts Center in  Palo Alto, CA, and at the Second Annual International Conference on Deep Listening, at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He is a 2015 graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College, where he studied electronic music composition, sound spatialization techniques and computer music with Pauline Oliveros, Chris Brown, Maggi Payne and John Bischoff.

4. Kristian Dahlbom: “Pulled Taut”

Kristian Dahlbom is a Swedish and Mexican-American digital artist working across sound and video. Their music often takes place in live settings and is an audible reaction from human and computer co-performance. Using physical sensors, laptop keys, and cameras, Kristian braids intricate paths for human action to interface with digital synthesis and sound processing systems. The resulting sounds have an uncanny biotic quality and have been described as alive, silly, and brutal. Kristian is currently inspired by xenobots and Hercules beetles. 4mación is their computer music project in which they explore human/machine symbiosis, tastiness, and dynamism. PASSION FRUIT is the most recent release by 4mación. Kristian has shown their work at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), the Experimental Sound Studio (ESS), Pro Arts, and Mills College. Kristian is from Los Angeles and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kristian works and has taught computer music at Mills College where they received their MFA in Electronic Music.
PASSION FRUIT by 4mación instagram: 4macion

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