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SSSS: Surround Sound Salon Series #2

Sunday, February 16, 2020 — 4:00 PM
Tickets: $10 General, $5 Members & Students
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Surround Sound Salon Series (SSSS) #2

Featured composers: Chris Brown – Brian Reinbolt – Kyle Bruckmann

The second edition of this monthly, informal series at CNM features three local electronic music composers who present their fixed media and/or live electronic music through the 8-channel surround system, generously provided by Meyer Sound. The composers mix their sounds from the center of the space, and the audience is free to choose their own listening location, and to move within the space to hear the music from different vantage points.

Chris Brown “Tangled Web” (2020)

Tangled Web is a solo laptop performance based on streams of sound that interact with each other

within data feedback networks based on live audio analysis of the sounds themselves. The performer initiates and steers these streams, encouraging surprising and generative responses

of the sounds to each other.

CHRIS BROWN, composer, pianist, and electronic musician, makes music with self- designed sonic systems that include acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, interactive software, computer networks, microtonal tunings, and improvisation. His compositions are designs for performances in which people bring to life the musical structures embedded in scores, instruments, and machines.

Brian Reinbolt “Unintentional Garden IV”

Installation and mixed media artist BRIAN REINBOLT uses his experience in the tech industry to produce his works of art. His installation works are explorations into the public use of Artificial Intelligence. Recently he has presented installations and performances in the US and Europe. His mixed media artworks are a combination of traditional crafts and modern technology and have been purchased by private owners across the country. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kyle Bruckmann “A Perforated Kakemono for Henri Michaux” (2020)

Inspired by Michaux’s Peace in the Breaking (1959), as found in Thousand Times Broken: Three Books, translated from the French by Gillian Conoley (City Lights, 2014).

“This vibratile carpet, which had something in common with electrical discharges with ramified sparks, as well as with magnetic spectra, a certain something that trembled, that burned, that tingled, like spasms turned into nerves, this tree with fine branches, that could also be lateral bursts, that tempestuous fluid, contractile, shaken, effervescent, but elastically held and kept from overflowing through some sort of surface tension, that nervous projection screen, even more enigmatic than the visions that arose on it, I don’t know, I will never know how to talk about it properly.” (p. 43)

Composer/performer KYLE BRUCKMANN’s work extends from a Western classical foundation into gray areas encompassing free jazz, electronic music and post-punk rock. He is a member of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, Eco Ensemble, and Splinter Reeds. He has worked with the San Francisco Symphony and most of the area’s regional orchestras remaining active in an international community of improvisers and sound artists.

SSSS is curated by Chris Brown. Send proposals including title to present surround sound pieces in future shows to: Proposal requirements include: 1) Title and duration of the piece ( must be less than 20 minutes; 2) a short bio of the composer; 3) a link to a stereo version of the piece.