sfSoundSalonSeries: Lanacane & Green Alembic

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members & under-employed
Tickets available at the door only
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LANACANE is the solo electronic music project of Lana Voronina, multi-media visual artist, performer, and event producer. Expect to hear piano improvisation, samples, effects, and beats.

GREEN ALEMBIC is an eight piece improvisational chamber super-group of accomplished bay area musicians. Performing to original images and spoken word, the group’s aesthetic is focused upon the immediate creation of musical ideas, clear articulation, and sensitivity to the unfolding sonic and visual environment. Instrumentalists include Christina Stanley violin, Doug Carroll cello, Jason Hoopes contra bass, Joe Lasqo piano, Michael Cooke bassoon & sheng (Chinese free reed instrument), Jim Ryan flute, amplified kalimba, spoken word, & original graphic art, Jeff Hobbs violin, alto clarinet & cornet, Ron Heglin trombone & voice.
Doug Carroll: is a cellist and composer living in the Bay Area. His solo improvisations have received international acclaim for their stark originality and musical sensitivity. He has composed for a variety of multimedia events, including modern dance, theatre, film, and video, as well as collaborations with visual artists. He studied composition with Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lou Harrison, and Anthony Braxton. He received his MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College.
Michael Cooke: is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer of jazz and classical music. He plays a variety of instruments — saxophones, fluteS, soprano and bass clarinets, and has a deep relationship with the bassoon. Recently he has incorporated the Chinese ‘sheng,’ a free reed instrument, into this arsenal. He is a cum laude graduate with a music degree from the University of North Texas.
Ron Heglin: is a trombonist and vocalist working with extended technique on the trombone and with spoken and sung imaginary languages. His voicing has been influenced by his study of North Indian vocal music. He works both compositionally and in an improvisational mode. He has been a member of the Bay Area music context for over twenty-five years and has performed internationally.
Jeff Hobbs: is an Oakland resident, instrument repair artist at ‘Best Instrument Repair’ on 14th St. in downtown Oakland, and a ubiquitous presence on the improv, poetry slam, and outlandish Eastbaynia rock and r&b scenes. He plays violin, doublebass, cornet, various clarinets as well as several other instruments.
Jason Hoopes: is a bassist and composer from Oakland. He can be seen performing with Jack O’ The Clock, Fred Frith Trio, Eat The Sun, Dominique Leone, John Ettinger, Sarah Wilson, John Schott, Rova Sax Quartet, and numerous others. Jason also works in dance, composing music for choreographers Peiling Kao, Molissa Fenley, and Alyce Finwall among others.
Joe Lasqo: has come to the Bay Area experimental music world via a wandering path that has led through classical music studies in India, jazz studies in smoke-filled bars, computer music studies at MIT, Columbia, & Berkeley CNMAT, & living (and listening) for years in several Asian countries. He plays piano/keyboards, percussion, and Max/MSP as a solo performer and in collaboration with other musicians, musical groups, and instrument-inventors.
Jim Ryan: has been performing, producing, and curating shows in Oakland and S.F. since 1997. He is a musician, painter, and writer. Previously he lived and worked in Paris, France (The Free Music Formation) and Washington, DC (The Art Performance Group). During his time in Paris, he played for over a year in the weekly jam sessions conducted by the late soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy.
Christina Stanley: is a bay area based violinist, composer, vocalist and artist. She is active as a performer, improviser, electronic musician and teacher. She has performed in Europe, the continental US, and Cuba as a vocalist, violinist and electronic musician. She has played SF MOMA and has premiered works by Roscoe Mitchell under conductor Petr Kotik.