sfSoundSalonSeries: Joana Holanda & Ignaz Schick

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $8 Members & Underemployed
Tickets available at the door only
Joana Holanda 4 Foto Luiz Clementino KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
Joana Holanda Ignaz Schick

Brazilian pianist Joana Holanda presents a program of new music for piano solo and with electronics by composers born in Brazil. Its music illustrates the diversity and richness of contemporary Brazilian music, encompassing a large variety of aesthetics and presenting composers of different generations.
Bruno Ruviaro (1974) – Instantânea (2005)
[ Electronics: Bruno Ruviaro ]
Gabriel Penido (1987) – Sora (2011)
Carlos Walter Soares (1970) – Calisto (2011)
Alexandre Lunsqui (1969) – Contours…distances… (2009)
Marisa Rezende (1944) – Contrastes (2001)
Tatiana Catanzaro (1976)- Kristallklavierexplosionsschattensplitter (2006)
João Pedro Oliveira (1959) – Mosaic (2010)
[ Electronics: Bruno Ruviaro ]

Electroacoustic composer/improviser from Berlin, Ignaz Schick performs his compositions for improvisers with members of sfSoundGroup and special guests.
Ignaz Schick, electronics
Scott Walton, bass
Tim Perkis, electronics
Brendan Lai-Tong, trombone
Benjamin Kreith, violin
John Ingle, alto saxophone
Matt Ingalls, clarinets
Jacob Felix Heule, percussion
Tom Djll, trumpet

Joana Holanda earned her bachelor degree in music from State University of Campinas- UNICAMP (1997), her Master in Arts from Iowa University (2000) in USA and her doctorate in Music from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2006). During the doctorate, she staged at City University,in London. She studied with Ney Fialkow, Ksenia Nosikova, Christian Tarla,Fúlvia Escobar and Jorge Gomes. Faculty member of the Federal University of Pelotas Art Center, she is also a member of NuMC- Núcleo de Música Contemporânea of the same institution. She researches and performs contemporary Brazilian music, having performed lecture-recitals in conferences in Brazil and abroad. In 2012 Holanda was one of the coordinators of the 1st Latin American Festival of Contemporary Music of Pelotas, and in 2013 released her first album, Piano Presente, by label SESC-SP. Music Critic Irineu Franco Perpétuo writes about Piano Presente:
“On approaching music that escape the traditional clichés for the instrument, Holanda demonstrates to master a varied repertoire of pianistic resources, which she makes use to characterize, in a peculiar and unique way, each peculiar and unique sound worlds of different composers.”
Turntablist, sound artist, performer & composer Ignaz Schick studied the saxophone and performed in free jazz and avant rock bands. At the same time he was getting obsessed with multitrack tape machines, record players and effect boxes and he started experimenting with many different instruments and sound making devices. After college he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and worked for several years as an assistent for contemporary composer Josef Anton Riedl. Since the late 1995 he works and lives in Berlin where he became an active and integral force of the so-called “Berlin Nouvelle Vague” and the blossoming “real time music” scene. From the middle of the nineties onwards his interest and activities almost completely shifted towards live-electronics and after testing various instrumentations (hard- & software samplers, signal processing, contact mics, field recordings, …) he developed his own and quite unique electro-acoustic set-up which he calls “rotating surfaces”. Various objects and materials (from wood, metal, plastic, paper or violin bows and cymbals) are played directly on the rotating metal plate of the turntable and the vibrations are simply amplified with a small condensator microphone. With this set-up he covers many different styles of contemporary experimental music – ranging from extreme reductionism via ambient, industrial, musique concrete, electronica to harsh noise. Besides his favorite setting, the direct duo-confrontation with the likes of Chris Abrahams (AUS), Alexei Borisov (RUS), Sebastian Buczek (PL), Phil Durrant (GB), Gunnar Geisse (D), GX Jupitter-Larsen/The Haters (USA), Dawid Szczesny (PL), Martin Tetreault (CAN) or Marcel Tuerkowsky (D) (…) he is member and founder of many different ensembles like Perlonex, Snake Figures Arkestra, Phosphor, Blind Snakes, Decollage, N.I.E., ….