Open Salon With Wild Rumpus

Saturday, November 22, 2014 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: Free!
Tickets available at the door only

Wild Rumpus and the Center for New Music are partnering to offer a free, open reading session and salon! Composers can sign up for spots to have their works read by the ensemble, and Wild Rumpus will also share works-in-progress, including new commissions! Have a drink and some snacks and hear some new music get made! Here are the details:
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2-2:30 PM: Reading work by David Bird (WR commissioned composer)
2:30-3 PM: Reading work by Ben Richter (WR commissioned composer)
3-4 PM: Open Readings (CNM member composers)
4-5 PM: Open Readings (any composers)


Flute (flute, piccolo)
Clarinet (Bb, A, Eb, bass)
Saxophone (sop, alto, ten, bari)
Electric guitar
Double bass


  • Submitting to the reading session is free, but signing up is required. From 3-4 PM, we’ll read composers who are members of the Center for New Music in order of sign-up, and from 4-5 PM, we’ll read all composers in order of sign-up.
  • We’ll spend approximately 10 minutes on each composer. You may bring pieces, excerpts, different versions of the same passage, etc. Anything goes!
  • Pieces requiring a conductor are welcome, but you must submit a score by 11/15.
  • You’re welcome to record the reading for non-commercial use, but we ask that you leave the recording unattributed.
  • If your piece/excerpt is ready to go, please e-mail score and parts ASAP to Jen Wang ( We can read pieces cold, but they’re more likely to sound good if you send us scores and parts by 11/15!