Luciano Chessa (saw) & Tyrel Williams (turntables): Gourmet Noise

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
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Performers/composers Luciano Chessa (Saw, Megaphone, Dan Bau) and Tyrel Williams (Turntables) pick their favorite Futurist and Techno groceries and cook up an evening of gourmet noise.

Tyrel Williams has been a mainstay of Chicago’s underground House and Techno scene for years. He began mixing records in 1999. Soon later he landed a job at Gramaphone Records where he spent many years building his collection of music. He spent 2008-2011 building his Acid Test residency at Smart Bar, which was an all vinyl House / Techno party. Tyrel has recently moved to San Francisco where he is a resident DJ for Housepitality. He has also started a project with Bryan Bai-ee called Secret Studio with releases on their own label called SS Records.
Luciano Chessa is a composer, conductor, performance artist, pianist, and musical saw/Vietnamese dan bau soloist.
Recent compositions include the experimental opera Cena oltranzista nel castelletto al lago produced for the TRANSART Festival  in Bolzano, Italy: a work lasting 60+ hours (including  55 hours of fasting) and accessible in its entirety via a 24hrs/day live streaming; they also include Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!, a large-scale work on Melville’s Moby Dick; and A Heavenly Act, an opera with original video by Kalup Linzy commissioned by SFMOMA.