Left Edge Percussion: Drumming at the Edge

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
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Left Edge Percussion presents “Drumming at the Edge”, a dynamic and eclectic program featuring music by Mark Applebaum, John Cage, Erik Griswold, Terry Longshore, Eugene Novotney, Steve Reich, Julia Wolfe, and Nick Zammuto. As artist-in-residence at the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University and led by artistic director Terry Longshore, Left Edge Percussion actively collaborates on innovative projects with composers and artists of various media. The concert is curated by Jim Santi Owen, who will join the ensemble as special guest.
Featuring iconic classics such as John Cage’s “Third Construction” and Steve Reich’s “Music for Pieces of Wood”, the program also features contemporary, genre-crossing works such as “Green Yellow Green Red” by Nick Zammuto, member of genre-defying band The Books, scored for vibraphones, scratched records, and video collage; and Mark Applebaum’s “Aphasia” for gestures and pre-recorded sound, performed by Longshore. The concert also includes Eugene Novotney’s “Alone or Together” for any number of drummers, “Dark Full Ride” by Bang on a Can co-founder Julia Wolfe, and Longshore’s own “Kangaroopak Sardha” for hand drum ensemble, on which Owen will join the ensemble. Finally, the show closes with Erik Griswold’s “Strings Attached” for six snare drummers attached to each other and a 10-foot pole in the center of stage by ropes, creating a kinetic sculpture akin to seeing sine-waves shooting from the performers’ sticks.