Thursday, January 5, 2017 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members, Low Income
Tickets available at the door only

$10+ suggested donation at door for Ghostship fire benefit:
Proceeds from this show will benefit victims of the Oakland Ghostship fire.
White Boy Scream (LA) / KVNDRY SINGS / Fever Witch: three classical vocalists – 2 sopranos, 1 countertenor – working solo, variously with electronics, improvisation, experimental song arrangements, and the construction of the diva/divo itself. The evening will be cojoined with an ambient set from queer-power electronics stalwart Forbidden Colors.
White Boy Scream (Micaela Tobin)
White Boy Scream (Soprano/sound artist Micaela Tobin) dissects the operatic qualities of the voice through a series of electronic effects pedals and looping stations in an aim to dismantle and ultimately, reconcile, the construct of the classically-trained soprano within the genres of noise and drone. The Stranger described her as a “less drama-queeny Diamanda Galas” whose “cryptic musique concrete–ish pieces, augmented by electronically warped chants, cast an unsettling spell.” Micaela was recently invited to perform at the New Music Encounters Plus International Music Festival in Brno, Czech Republic. Micaela released her second full-length album, entitled “Hustle Divine”, through Hanged-Man Recordings in the summer of 2015 and is currently preparing to release an album through Crystalline Morphologies.”
Gothic crooner, songwriter, and balladeer KVNDRY SINGS is a bel canto trained countertenor who performs using voice, electronics, and sometimes piano. Themes of the work are melancholic and occult, with nods to the great depressed composer John Dowland. KVNDRY’s album ‘The Pornographic Imagination’ will be released this coming spring on Effeminate Records.
Fever Witch
Fever Witch is the experimental solo project of Bay Area native and classical vocalist, Kelly Ann. Her first release, “For Ears Unfurling like Flowers”, was described by Aquarius Records as, “Slomo mesmer, ritualistic and cinematic, whirling organs…darkly mysterious and almost liturgical, like a lo-fi 4 track Arvo Part, spectral and shimmery, murky and moody…with a slightly witchy/demonic edge to it”. Kelly Ann has released material on Vestige Records, Post Primal, FREAKS, and Hanged Man Recordings and her other projects include Electronic Death Registry, Dire Wolves, and Total Cult.
Forbidden Colors is San Francisco’s Enrique Hernandez. With a name borrowed from Yukio Mishima, and a distinctly queer aesthetic, Forbidden Colors has a strong system of roots planted in the power electronics and harsh noise side of electronic experimentalism. On latest releases, and in performance an emerging techno influence has been pollinating his sound.