Echo Wild with Geneva Jacuzzi – Live in the Tenderloin

Friday, November 21, 2014 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only


Introducing John Grigo of Coco Remote from 1987. Coming from the bebop psychedelia of the Sunset Strip is now merging with the eccentric wild-at-heart Seahorse Liberation Army, John Grigo, coming from Chicago, Illinois combines flourishing cadenzas of Art Tatum and the R Stevie Moore kaleidoscope. What is house arrest to bedroom rock, what is to write in a tent behind the boneyards of an art school? The pianist and singer songwriter in a post-Occupy state, mocking the art student writes “Spare Change” and “Normal”, “Comfortable”, and “Immortal” _− a playel into a staccato lucid dream. John Grigo, together with Erik Seidenglanz, Elishba Iturra, and guest members play Echo Wild.
Meet Echo Wild, an electromagnetic pirates of the synth seas art trio. Echo Wild combines the lysergic finesse of the pure sex 60′s psychedelia and 70′s organ soundtracks, the coy attitude of French yé-yé, and the irresistible beats of 80′s electronic pop. Echo Wild will be performing in a fusion of high energy percussive funk with Geneva Jacuzzi.
Meet Geneva Jacuzzi, a mythological figure of the Dada-esque avant void. A hyperreal slow-fast dancer of the past-present-future performance, Geneva Jacuzzi is her Funny Face wearing Salvatore Ferragamos size 7s; the Madonna-Souixsie synth pop art play of our time. Come! Fall into the dazzling hypnotic world of the analog-digital soundscape meets exotica erotica eternal dance, Geneva Jacuzzi and Echo Wild present a timeless night into the sound art void.