Doug Lynner, Thomas Dimuzio, Twilight Furniture, Tom Djll

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 — 8:00 PM
Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members & Students
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Complacency presents an evening of Ambient Musics and Analogue Synthesis

Tom Djll
-will be working with a gaggle of rungler-based instruments, trying to make music-adjacent soundworlds out of chaotic circuits.
-studied electronic music at the Colorado College on the EMS Synthi 100. He spent the years 1981-1998 working with the Serge Modular Music System. Deep Listening work with Pauline Oliveros, 1991. At the Mills College Contemporary Music Center Djll 1993-95, he developed a personal trumpet language alongside electronic and microtonal studies. Beginning in 2012, Djll shifted back to analog systems and electroacoustic interfaces. Recent collaborations with Gino Robair, Suki O’Kane, Rova Saxophone Quartet, Axel Dörner, and the trio EUPHOTIC with Cheryl Leonard and Bryan Day.

Twilight Furniture
Daniel James Burke presents Twilight Furniture: Experiential songs with Ambient motives.
Channeling but not necessarily sounding anything like Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Harold Budd & Brian Eno, Cluster, Mark Hollis, the French Classical Impressionists, Burt Bacharach, and John Cage. File under: Post-Classical Ambient Minimalism, if you must. Skirting genre, playing with form, tonality, atonality, tradition, and innovation: opening space for experiential access. Surrendering to a warm hypnotic trance…See, Hear, Feel. Songs of the moment.

Daniel James Burke: Guitar, Keys, synth, field recordings, & devices
Equally influenced by atonal modern classical, the ambient music of Brian Eno, the nuanced and free improvisation approach of AMM, the chamber pop of Burt Bacharach, and the industrial machinations of Throbbing Gristle, minimalists Reich and Glass, as well as jazz, rock, prog, & punk, Dan has been playing with sound since the early 80’s as Illusion of Safety releasing over 40 full length recordings and performing over 300 concerts worldwide. He has also collaborated in composition, live performance, or recorded with Shen Wei Dance Arts, Jim O’Rourke, Darin Gray, Kevin Drumm, Jeb Bishop, Jon Mueller, & Olivia Block, et. al. He has also collaborated in ensemble groups CHEER-ACCIDENT, Tertium Quid (w/Bill Horist & Dave Abramson), and Total Sound (w/Chris Block).

Thomas Dimuzio
-bringing portable Buchla synthesis along with a Chase Bliss pedal array to new levels of control and nuance. Intriguing electronic manipulations
his work has a narrative, filmic tug that’ll draw you in to its dark corners, ears alert. Intermittently brilliant and rarely less than entertaining.

-Composer, multi-instrumentalist, mastering engineer, & sound designer, Dimuzio has long experience of electronic exploration and improvisation. His first own-produced cassettes go back to 1988. Using MIDI-controlled feedback, modular synthesizers, circuit-bent toys, ambient microphones are integrated as sound sources within Dimuzio’s system of live interactive electronics. His music has been released internationally on labels including RéR Megacorp, RRRecords, Asphodel, No Fun Productions, Seeland, Isounderscore, Gench, Record Label Records, Odd Size Records, Sonoris and others.
As a collaborator, Dimuzio works with numerous artists and ensembles such as Dimmer (with Joseph Hammer), Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Dan Burke/Illusion of Safety, Nick Didkovsky, ISIS, Negativland, David Lee Myers, Matmos, Wobbly, Poptastic, Due Process, 5uu’s, Tom Cora, Mickey Hart, and Paul Haslinger. Among his numerous live collaborative releases are Golden State with Chris Cutler and Fred Frith, Quake and Dust with Chris Cutler,
Dimuzio has toured North America and Europe featuring performances at New Music Actuelle, Festival International de Music Actuelle de Victoriaville, Ultraschall, Podewil, Kyma International Sound Symposium, High Zero Festival, Ende Tymes Festival of Liberation and Noise, and Whitney Museum of American Art.

Doug Lynner
Synthesist Doug Lynner composes and performs experimental electronic music internationally.
Doug is known for his intimate, “In-The-Circuit” performance style. That style has given birth to his “Living Synthesis” compositions – part fixed composition, part improvisation, part circuit immersion.
His process is to create unique instruments for each performance that are self-active and cross-influencing in which he participates through direct interaction with each instrument’s autonomic activities through their knobs, switches and patch cords.
Basing his aesthetic upon the notion of “sound for sound’s sake” he explores the intrinsic value of sound through mixtures of ambient, avant-garde, rhythmic, modular tonalism and soundscape genres.
Doug received a BFA in Music Composition from California Institute of The Arts. His mentors were Morton Subotnick, Harold Budd, James Tenney, Leonid Hambro, and Nicholas England.
He was editor/publisher of Synapse, The International Electronic Music Magazine, and has produced dozens of modular synthesizer video tutorials that he offers to the modular synthesizer community.

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