Alan Courtis Artist Talk

Monday, June 17, 2019 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: Free!
Tickets available at the door only

The graphic scores of Argentine sound artist Alan Courtis are featured in the Atrium Gallery at the Center For New Music for the month of June. Courtis will be giving an artist talk and answering questions on June 17th at 7pm.
This exhibition shows for the first time in USA graphic scores by Argentine composer Alan Courtis. It consists in a selection of graphic and conceptual pieces employing diverse techniques and strategies helping to connect the graphic and sound universes. Some of these scores work defining precise interpretation codes, some others leave all to the interpreter’s imagination. In between of both poles, we can find a wide spectrum of possibilities including: traditional notation, anomalous scripts and “imposible” writting. Most of these scores are unreleased except for few of them which were published on the specialized books like “Deep Listening Anthology Vol. 2” (Deep Listening Publications) or “Tonebook” (Inpatient Press). There are also some new compositions exhibited for the first time.
Alan Courtis was born in Buenos Aires in 1972. He has been working in the field of sound-art, electro-acoustic music, drone, noise, improvisation and composition. His written music has been played by ensembles from England, Thailand, Switzerland, Wales, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, United States, Spain and SouthAmerica. He was commissioned by Phoenix Basel Ensemble (Switzerland), Český Rozhlas (Czech Republic) and was artist in residence at EMS (Stockholm), GRM (Paris), Cafe Oto (London), USF (Bergen), etc. He has more than 400 solo releases and collaborations on respected labels. Courtis has toured internationally extensively, and has collaborated with musicians like: Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, Keiji Haino, Merzbow, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’Rourke, David Toop, and numerous others. His music always has strong experimental sense and usually based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments (eg. unstringed guitar). Courtis has made music for films/videos by Jaime Davidovich, Claudio Caldini, Greg Pope, Hang Jun Lee, Sergio Subero, Pablo Mazzollo, Guillermo Ueno, etc. He has also coordinated a many music workshops internationally.