AIR: A Tribute to Cecil Taylor

Sunday, June 10, 2018 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: Free!
Tickets available at the door only

Rova Saxophone Quartet Presents 4 Guest Ensembles                                                                                                                                 

Steve Adams, alto and sopranino saxes / Clark Coolidge, words / Lisa Mezzacappa, bass

Bruce Ackley, soprano and tenor saxes / Karl Evangelista, guitar / Andy Strain, trombone

Larry Ochs, tenor and sopranino saxes / Donald Robinson, drums

Jon Raskin, baritone and alto saxes / Darren Johnston, peace cannon / Vijay Anderson, drums / Safa Shokrai, bass

Rova performs an excerpt from Larry Ochs’ Certain Space, for Cecil Taylor

Struck by the loss of artistic giant Cecil Taylor in April, the Rovas feel compelled to pay respects to a hero. Each quartet member has invited guests to create special ensembles for the concert. The desire is to assemble groupings that enable the broader music community to participate in this farewell tribute to a man who impacted us all so much, both as a creative artist and as a fearless and unapologetic innovator. Join Rova and 9 dedicated and inventive practitioners to explore sonic realms presaged by Taylor’s iconic work.

This evening will also feature an exhibition of recent works created as a tribute to Cecil Taylor by visual artist Victoria Brill: