Action and Music

Monday, June 12, 2017 — 12:00 AM
Tickets: Free!
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Action and musical expressions manifest themselves through each other. We do, we hear, we play in a feedback loop filled with emotions and rationales.
“A small idea is given to me, and I journey the paths it alludes to. If I’m lucky, I’ll end up suspended in gray.” Stephanie
“Sounds are predicated upon activating gestures: real, as in the directed motion of muscles interacting with an instrument/object, or imaginary, as in the reference point for the spatiotemporal metaphors with which often we parse sound, electronic or otherwise.” Charlie
“Using gesture and music in conjunction with one another creates a new, visceral dimension for the audience; we are brought into a context that is both familiar to our everyday life and still expressly theatrical.” Chris
“Every sound comes from action and every subsequence from its reaction.” Davor
Featured composers include Julie Herndon, Charlie Sdraulig, Chris Lortie, Davor Vincze, Stephanie Fisher and Sam Alexander. Guided by Juraj Kojs.