Friday, July 26, 2013: 7:30 pm

LAByrinths: Audio-Visual-Kinetic I

Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only

For this rare engagement, Bay Area artists Erika Tsimbrovsky (dance/movement), Vadim Puyvandaev (live painting/sculpture), and Lucas Krech (video/lighting design) join Korea-based composer Alexander Sigman for an immersive audio-visual-kinetic performance. As an installment in their evolving multimedia Minotaur project, LAByrinths integrates dance, sculpture, live painting, live video, electronics improvisation, and audio design into a continuously expanding feedback loop of intense sensory stimuli and associations.


Launched in the context of a Paul Dresher Ensemble artist residency in May 2012, this collaboration re-casts the mythical Minotaur’s labyrinth—filtered through the lenses of Borges, Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt,  and contemporary Russian novelist Victor Pelevin¾as a modern urban maze of plexiglass, metal, audio-visual over-stimulation, and unfulfilled primal desires. Embedded within this virtual and physical labyrinth, the Minotaur himself assumes the form of a morphing sound-sculpture.


The Minotaur project is conceived as an entirely modular meta-work, which may be presented in diverse performance, gallery, and public space contexts. The audience is invited to actively engage in LAByrinths, to explore the Minotaur’s dynamic, volatile, and at times terrifying constructed environment.