Saturday, May 10, 2014: 8 PM

David Leikam / zBug | Splitting Glass

Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
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zBug, lead by David Leikam, will present a custom structured improvisational concert based on architectural and music compositional themes centered around the Center for New Music in San Francisco, California. zBug compositions will explore the sonic atmospheres of being and range from 7 to 10 minutes each.

“diG your music. Eclectic ain’t the word. Film noir multiverse ethnic blade runner desert world. Love it!” – Nivek Ogre, ohGr/Skinny Puppy

• David Leikam – moog rogue, electric bass-cello, piano
• Fred Malouf – electric guitar, electronics
• Rent Romus – saxophones
• Moe Staiano – drums, percussion

zBug is based in San Francisco, California and presents structured improvisational music sets, based on the performance venue architecture and music compositional themes, featuring select geographical guest members on concert engagements worldwide. They have been associated with Wadada Leo Smith, John Coltrane, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, cEvin Key/Download, and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio (MM3).