Wednesday, September 10, 2014: 5 - 8 PM

Computer Music Meetup: Presentations + Open Hack

Tickets: Free!
Tickets available at the door only


This special workshop offers a brief introduction to each of the most prevalent computer music programming languages: Max, Supercollider, ChucK and PureData.

Lighting presentations will demonstrate the basics, plus a handful of cool tricks, tailored to beginners or users of other languages. These intros will be followed by open discussion, and an open hack session for participants to actively work on their patches and compositions alongside each other.

Our guest presenters:
Bruno Ruviaro, composer and Asst. Professor at Santa Clara University
Aram Shelton, composer/performer and Video and Audio Editor
Ge Wang, Assistant Professor at Stanford’s CCRMA, Co-founder of Smule, author of ChucK
Richard Warp, composer and sound designer
Jonathan Wilkes, composer/programmer and developer of PureData
and via Skype, David Reeder, media arts software developer

Bring your laptop and join us for an open learning environment focused at the nexus of creative coding and creative music.