Ensemble in Residence

2018-19 Ensembles in Residence

duo B. vs. viDEO sAVant is an ongoing collaboration between duo B.​, the San Francisco Bay Area improvising and composing ensemble of percussionist Jason Levis and bassist Lisa Mezzacappa, and Charles Woodman, ​aka viDEO sAVant, an electronic artist working in video and expanded media. duo B. has developed a singular approach to improvisation and composition, through cross-disciplinary projects with film, improvising instrumentalists at home and abroad, and the study of repertoire by like-minded composer-improvisers. viDEO sAVant concentrates on the creation of multi-image video installations for museums and galleries, and the integration of video with live performance, often in collaboration with musicians or dancers.

Mobius Trio is a group of three guitarists, Robert Nance, Mason Fish, and Matthew Linder, who exclusively perform music they have commissioned. Mobius Trio can be described as a “classical guitar trio,” but it might be more accurate to describe the Trio as “three enthusiastic young men who will happily play any type of music on any type of plucked string instrument.” The music Mobius Trio performs might sound like Bach, Baden Powell, Schnittke, Glass, doom metal, punk, Brian Eno, etc. etc., and it might be performed on classical, acoustic, electric, baritone, bass or any other type of guitars. The Trio exclusively performs music they’ve helped create – via composer commission, arranging, composing, improvising or some combination.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Ensemble in Residence program are now open:

Over the course of 12 months, the C4NM Ensemble in Residence enjoys numerous opportunities and resources to support their long-term success. Through direct engagements with C4NM’s members and community partners, the Ensemble in Residence explores new ideas, and pursues new avenues in the development of their artistic career.

Through this program, C4NM provides a materials stipend, rehearsal and workshop space, concert and service opportunities, professional development, and creative community. In return, the Ensemble’s activities support the work of the Center for New Music: to support and build community, and to foster the growth of contemporary music.

The 2019-20 Ensemble in Residence will receive:
– $1,000 Award
– Full coworking membership for all ensemble members
– Rehearsal time – 200 hours
– Consulting time – 30 hours on growth assessment & business planning.
– 1 composer reading
– 1 full feature concert at C4NM, EiR keeps all door revenue
– 3 additional services w/ community partners
– Possibility for additional paid gigs

Ensemble Qualifications

  • Minimum 1 year performing experience as a group
  • Ensembles with 2-8 members (no groups with completely flexible personnel; core + guests OK)
  • Must perform creative, non-commercial music
  • Any and all instrumentations welcome!

How to apply

To apply to be Ensemble in Residence at the Center for New Music from October 2019 through September 2020, send your proposal to
Brent Miller, Executive Director, brent@centerfornewmusic.com, with subject line “EiR 2019”.

In your proposal, please tell us:

  • About your ensemble, including purpose, personnel, and achievements
  • How you hope to benefit from being C4NM Ensemble in Residence
  • What specific artistic work or types of work you hope to develop
  • What areas of administration and/or career development you hope to grow
  • The links for up to 5 work samples

Applicants residing outside the SF Bay Area must explain how they will be able to successfully participate in the C4NM community over the course of their residency.

Proposals are due by 3:00 PM PDT on Monday, September 23, 2019.

Review and Timeline

Applications will be judged by C4NM staff and community partners based on their:

  • Potential for growth of the ensemble’s artistic excellence
  • Potential for sustainable growth of the ensemble’s administrative capacity
  • Potential positive impact on the Center’s member community
  • Potential positive impact on the Center’s community partners

Past Ensembles in Residence

2017-18: Animals & Giraffes
2016-17: The Living Earth Show
2015-16: Friction Quartet

The Center for New Music Ensemble-in-Residence program is grateful for current and past support from:

Bill Graham Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund

The Amphion Foundation, Inc.