Our programs connect listeners, musicians, ensembles, and institutions. The Center serves as an incubator, a facilitator, and a catalyst for people and groups working in new music. We connect music people — not only locally, but regionally — so that the entire new music community can work more effectively and creatively.

Curated Concerts
Curators of the Center for New Music are invited by the Center’s Board of Directors to serve two-year terms. Each curator is encouraged to realize their own vision, and to encourage artists to do the same. As a group, their responsibility is to make the best possible use of the Center’s resources to create concerts and special events that embody the values of diversity, inclusion, and excellence. As with member events, 100% of ticket revenue goes to the artists.

The Center is pleased to welcome Adam Marks, Julia Ogrydziak, Jim Santi Owen, and Zachary Watkins as new curators in 2016.

The Center will be accepting curator proposals for 2017-19 in fall of 2016.

Learn more about the Center for New Music curators.

The Window Gallery
The Window Gallery presents the work of contemporary makers of unusual and newly invented musical instruments, including emerging artists as well as recognized pioneers. The emphasis is on originality in concept and design, recognizing the seminal role of the search for new sounds in the expansion of musical horizons. Equally essential to the exhibits are notions of beauty, craft, and humor.

The Window Gallery is a project of the Center for New Music, curated by David Samas. Located in our storefront window at 55 Taylor Street in San Francisco, the gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, and during performances.

View upcoming exhibits or past installations.

For information, questions, comments or to propose an installation, email David Samas, Gallery Manager.

Ensemble in Residence
The Center for New Music launched its Ensemble in Residence program in 2015-16, welcoming Friction Quartet as the inaugural ensemble, and The Living Earth Show in 2016-17.

Over the course of 12 months, the C4NM Ensemble in Residence leverages numerous opportunities and resources to support their long-term success. Through direct engagements with C4NM’s members and community partners, the Ensemble in Residence gains opportunities to explore new ideas, and pursue new avenues in the development of their artistic career.

Applications for the 2017-18 Ensemble in Residence are now open! Learn more about the Ensemble in Residence program.

Workshops and Meetups
The Center hosts workshops and meetups that serve its members, provide community education, or promote new ideas. Our diverse workshops and discussions have covered commissioning, touring, recording on a budget, entertainment law, and more. Meetups help user groups like composers, software developers, and other sub-groups of the new music community to talk shop, share new ideas, and develop their craft.

Got a workshop you’re looking for, or a meetup you’d like to lead? Please contact Adam Fong, Executive Director.

The Center for New Music offers contract-based consulting to its Individual and Organization Members. By employing a team with diverse talents and supreme flexibility, C4NM helps its community focus its resources towards the greatest impact and artistic excellence.

C4NM Consulting provides support in Concert Production, Marketing and Communications, Development, General Administration, and Strategy. Our team can work on an hourly, project, or monthly basis, in order to provide the greatest efficiency possible.

To learn more about Center for New Music Consulting or to schedule a free phone consultation, please contact Adam Fong, Executive Director.

The C4NM Library holds over 400 new music titles. The collection focuses primarily on books, from key texts by John Cage and Derek Bailey, to obscure volumes on Dutch jazz and folk songs of the Caribbean. Members, staff, and volunteers of the Center may access library materials during regular business hours.

Learn more about the Center for New Music Library.

We evaluate our programs, and our contribution to supporting and building the new music community, by measuring the efficiency, growth, integration, and excellence of our community.