Saturday, February 1, 2014: 7:30 PM

Alden Jenks: HAMMERED

Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
Tickets available at the door only


New works by Alden Jenks Hammered for piano and laptop, and Oh It’s You for actress/singer and laptop will receive their premieres this evening. In addition three songs on poems by Jim Harrison, and a country ballad about a desperate housewife for actress, singer, and piano; “Unrestful Sleep” for piano, to keep you awake; and a piece for video with an electronic score called “Martin Put That Gun Away”. Pianists Mikako Endo and Ian Scarfe and singers Lora Libby and Amy Foote will be performing, with the composer on laptop. Oh – and a lullaby to help you get the rest you need.

Recent reviews

“Memorials and Reveries in a Cozy Cabaret Setting” (New York Times)
“Electronic and Vocal Works with Rodney Waschka” (CVNC Arts Journal)

The program

Ognaggio al’Anzzonio (2000/2011) electroacoustic music, with actor (8 min)

Letter from Linda (2010) (10 min) Mikako Endo, piano, Amy Foote (actress), Lora Libby (soprano)

Hammered (2013) (15 min) Ian Scarfe, piano, A Jenks, laptop


Three Songs on poems by Jim Harrison (2006) (After Ikkyu #20, After Ikkyu #19, After Ikkyu #51) (6.25 min) – Ian Scarfe, piano, Lora Libby, soprano

Unrestful Sleep (10 min) – Mikako Endo, piano

Encounter (2013) (16-18 min) – Amy Foote, actress/soprano, A Jenks, laptop

Lullaby for a Daughter (2006; poem by Jim Harrison) 2:15 – Ian Scarfe, piano,

Lora Libby, soprano

The concert will last approximately 2 hours.