C4NM @ 5 Years

We’re 5! We had a party!

On September 30, 2017, we took an evening to celebrate with the Bay Area’s creative music community! The Center for New Music toasted to its five-year anniversary as an organization, and to five years of serving the people of the Bay Area from its home at 55 Taylor Street. Thanks to everyone who joined us and sent their greetings!

We’re 5: How are we doing?

C4NM also released a five-year report to share a few highlights and learnings. The Center has dedicated its energy and resources to a unique business model, catalyzed community through innovative program models, and laid the foundation for another 5 years of supporting new music.

Check out our 5-year report!
(PDF only for now)

We’re 5… going on 10…

In recognition of our 5-year anniversary, we invite C4NM supporters to give in powers of five: $5, $25, $125, $625, $3,125 (please?). Or you can just give us a hi-five when we see you next! Help us celebrate and build momentum for the next five years!